PHB Financial Planners_Advice3-Life Protection


In life we all work hard to achieve all sorts of things, but nothing more important then surrounding ourselves with friends and loved ones to spend our quality time. Along the way we also accumulate assets and liabilities that also need protecting.

When you’ve worked hard towards your future, you want to know you’ll be financially independent for the rest of your life. You will also want to know that your retirement will stay on track and not be derailed; the last thing you need is a serious illness or injury to compromise your goals.

But what if something did happen to you, or your partner, or even one of your adult children? Would you be able to recover from a major financial setback so close your retirement? With personal insurance you can protect yourself, and your family, financially against the consequences of sickness, injury and death.

The years soon skip by and as they do the memories etched in our minds become more and more important for all of us.